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About UK Delegation Companies

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Albus Health

Albus Health is developing an automated, real-time home monitoring system to predict asthma attacks up to days before they happen, enabling patients to self-manage their condition at home and take measures to prevent an attack. Albus is committed to support over the world’s 330 million asthma sufferers self-manage their condition and stay healthy at home.

CRiL Respiratory Innovations

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Limited is a digital health company focused on becoming the number one supplier of cardio-respiratory health and outcomes data to the patient, clinician, healthcare provider and data utilizer. Its N-Tidal technology platform is based on a patented LED sensor that measures tidal breathing CO2 (TBCO2) throughout the entire breath.


Caristo’s novel technology transforms the diagnostic accuracy of routine coronary CT angiograms to swiftly and efficiently identify patients with suspected heart disease. Using artificial intelligence, Caristo’s proprietary technology provides unique insights about inflammation in the coronary arteries, the root cause of most heart attacks.


With over 1,500 clinical diagnoses and a library of more than 500 medical images and video – and powered by peer reviewed specialist contributions – DemDx improves diagnostic skills from the lecture room to the bedside. Used by medical students and professionals in over 170 countries, DemDx puts 10,000 pathways in a clinician's pocket.

Digital Surgery

Founded by surgeons for surgeons and healthcare professionals, Digital Surgery's ecosystem of tools is built specifically for surgery and surgical teams and makes safer surgical care accessible to all. Its first product, Touch Surgery, is an award winning cognitive training application that enables users to train anytime, anywhere. Its newest product, GoSurgery, goes into the OR, improving team coordination and improving performance intra-operatively.

in touch with health

InTouch with Health specializes in delivering digital patient flow management solutions so that hospitals and healthcare providers can increase organizational efficiency and quality, reduce costs, improve data management and improve the patient experience.


Using its patented technology, Kymira's wearable products are a technology platform that reacts and interacts with the human body to convert its heat into energy and information. Its smart garments enhance the performance of athletes, aid circulation, accelerate recovery, monitor and report on human well-being. In testing for use by the military and for space exploration.


Partnering with healthcare systems, insurers, pharma, technology and insurance companies, medopad is working to solve the biggest problems in rare, chronic and complex disease monitoring. Our AI tools use data to help clinicians deliver better and more personalized care to patients, and to generate predictive insights about life threatening medical conditions.


Metix Medical's portable Coremed monitoring device and remote monitoring dashboard improves pre-hospital communication, patient treatment, triaging, reporting and patient outcomes. Coremed constantly monitors, scores and captures patient vitals, which are displayed in real time and transmitted - along with location tracking information - to emergency dispatchers and medical providers.

myway digital health

Myway digital health seeks to transform diabetes care globally through low cost population-based solutions that supply data driven knowledge and advice to patients and health care professionals thereby improving care, saving lives and saving money.

Odin Vision

Odin Vision is leading a new era of AI-enabled gastroenterology through the development of computer aided detection and diagnostic systems that improve the early identification of cancer in video endoscopy. Its target initial application allows the more efficient identification and removal of cancerous and per-cancerous polyps.

Oxford Heartbeat

Oxford Heartbeat makes cardiovascular surgeries more accurate and safe. Our medical device technology that helps clinicians plan and rehearse minimally-invasive stent placements inside blood vessels, the current state-of-the-art treatment for common cardiovascular disorders. Oxford Heartbeat is an award wining start-up, named WIRED “Best Healthcare Start-up of 2018,” and is Forbes’ “one of the new British start-ups to watch closely.” It received the NHS Innovation award of 2017.


A mobile medical app and biodata company, Quin is pioneering consumer-led breakthroughs in insulin-treated diabetes using data from existing diabetes devices, wearables and phones. Quin’s app codifies each individual’s experience into our unique insulin intervention taxonomy (patent pending) and leverages the experience of people who take insulin in order to co-create machine learning algorithms to provide personalized self-care guidance and advance personalized medicine for insulin-treated diabetes.


TestCard, winner of the ‘Top Emerging Technology’ Award at CES 2019, is disrupting the at-home medical testing market. Embedded in a postcard sized mailer, TestCard urine testing kit plus its mobile app, turns a user's mobile phone’s camera into a clinical grade scanner and gives an immediate, accurate test results for a number of diseases and conditions. TestCard is at the forefront of medicine shift towards predictive, personalized and pre-emptive healthcare.

Transformative AI

Using artificially intelligent algorithms to predict acute outcomes of chronic diseases, Transformative AI seeks to create, collect and translate clinical data into real-time, predictive assessments to aid patients and healthcare providers. With an initial focus on predicting Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) before it occurs, it uses advanced AI and statistical analysis techniques to detect minute changes in patient physiology and predicts an imminent risk of SCA with 94% accuracy based on cardiac data.

About The Supporting Organizations

Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the United Kingdom’s innovation agency and part of UK Research and Innovation, an organization that will ensure the UK maintains a world leading position in research and innovation. We work with people, companies and partner organizations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy. We fund, support and connect innovative businesses throughout the UK, helping to accelerate growth through innovation. Since 2007 we have committed over £2.5 billion to innovation and helped more than 8,500 organizations, adding an estimated £18 billion to the UK economy and creating 70,000 extra new jobs.

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network helps ambitious businesses innovate and grow internationally. Jointly funded by the European Commission and Innovate UK, we provide expert advice and support for businesses looking to commercialize ideas and succeed in new markets. 

The European-American Business Organization - Enterprise Europe Network USA Partner

Did you know that Europe is the source of more than 50% of America's annual global earnings, and that 75% or more of Europe's annual direct foreign investment goes into the US market? 

The European-American Business Organization, Inc. (EABO) can help your company grow – we specialize in transatlantic business development, strategy, market expansion and international tax services. The EABO team has decades of experience in these fields and speaks the majority of the European Union’s principal languages.   


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